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Issue 45— Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Baker Bill Supports Military Families

HARRISBURG — A program to help military families who have fallen on hard times is one step closer to becoming a permanent benefit available to Pennsylvania's service men and women, according to Sen. Lisa Baker (R-20), who serves on the Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee.
The Military Family Relief Assistance Program provides up to $3,500 in financial assistance to service members and families during times of hardship. But its future is uncertain every six years when the initiative must be reauthorized by the state. Baker introduced legislation to remove this sunset requirement, preserving the program indefinitely.
"It is appropriate for us to be taking positive action on Military Family Relief Assistance," stated Baker. "During the 15 years since its inception, this program has proved its worth time and again."







Plans To Curtail Short-Term Rental Warnings


BUSHKILL — Lehman Township is tightening its restrictions on short-term rentals after the state reclassified Pike and Monroe counties from a red alert to yellow last weekend. The changed classification removes the state's temporary ban on short-term rentals.
At their regular meeting last Thursday, supervisors discussed further amendments to the township ordinance on short-term rentals. The ordinance was amended previously in December of last year.
Short-term rentals are for periods of 30 days or less. The ordinance gives the township jurisdiction to take action for homeowners not in compliance with housing and the updated health codes, even if their home is in a private community. Most of the more than 200 properties in the township that offer short-term rentals are located in private community Saw Creek Estates, many renting to people escaping New York and New Jersey virus hot spots.
Board of Supervisors Chairman Rob Rohner spoke about many of them potentially carrying the virus to the township and the Pike County area during the meeting.
"This all is the reason we stayed so long in the red (classification)," said Rohner. "The (Monroe 9-1-1) emergency center said most (coronavirus) calls were in Saw Creek."
Two essential changes to the township short-term rental ordinance will be discussed at a public hearing that will take place in July or August. A ratification vote, projected for the end of the summer, would put those changes into effect immediately.
One change reduces the number of notices for violations from three warnings to one. If the homeowner is not in compliance after the first warning is issued, the permit would be revoked. A warning can be issued for each violation stipulated in the ordinance."......For more infomation subscribe to our paper.




BG Passes Resolution Supporting Constitutions

LORDS VALLEY — Blooming Grove township supervisors passed a resolution on Monday "to create a Second Amendment Sanctuary," as an affirmation of their support for the U.S. and Pennsylvania constitutions, as described by Nick Mazza, Township supervisor chair.
The move toward the resolution began with a request for an ordinance by Bob Roche, of Dingman Township, and Patti Coombs, of Delaware Township, who made a brief presentation in February, condemning legislative proposals for background checks and limitations on bullet capacity. But the resolution has no legal impact, as the supervisors have no powers regarding gun laws or their funding.
Mazza said the passage of the resolution was a reaffirmation of their oath to support state and federal constitutions.
Meanwhile, less than 20% of township residents have completed the census, according to Supervisor Tim Morey.
"It's shocking how many have not filled it out. We need funding, and we won't get it unless the census is filled out," said Supervisor Tammy Gillette. "You can complete it with a phone call. It just takes a minute."
Mazza also announced a Pike County Conservation District webinar on June 22, 23 and 24, about how backyard activities affect nearby lakes. The PCCD June newsletter elaborates on the webinar and the PCCD 2020 strategic plan, he said.
Mazza also noted the near completion of the town hall addition, as ADA accommodations are added, including parking spaces and access on a 2% or less grade.
"Have you given any thought to no-touch switches?" asked Carol Commando, referring to Covid-19 precautions. Mazza expressed concern about expense. The township building continues to be closed to the public, he said...
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