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Issue 12— Thursday, October 17, 2019
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Educational PCCD Bioswale
To Be Unveiled

PIKE COUNTY — Stormwater runoff is created when rain or snowmelt accumulates and runs across the surface of the land. As stormwater moves through the human-built landscape it may pick up and transport non-point source pollutants, including soil sediment, fluids leaked from automobiles, road de-icing agents, and others. Non-point source pollution is now the single largest cause of degradation of our nation's water resources, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Pike County Conservation District (PCCD) is committed to the conservation and preservation of local water resources. To aid the filtering and infiltration of stormwater, PCCD has installed a bioswale in front of their office. This will be accompanied by an educational sign, explaining what a bioswale is and why it is important for our watershed.
The bioswale and sign will be unveiled after the PCCD Board meeting on October 21.
The unveiling will include an educational discussion of bioswales, stormwater, and non-point source pollution, by resource conservationist Marianna Quartararo. The public is encouraged to attend!
Please contact Pike County Conservation at 570-226-8220 with any questions.



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