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Issue 18— November 26, 2020

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Third Time's Luck For Tax Cap Override


PORT JERVIS — Local Law 4 of 2020 has had a third public hearing in front of the Common Council for the City of Port Jervis. After two previous failures to pass the law upon council vote, the third time ultimately proved to be the charm.
After months of standoff and tight battles, the Council finally passed the law in a 6-3 vote at the latest Common Council meeting held this past Monday night. Despite having a majority to pass it before, a supermajority was needed in order for the law to be enacted and go into effect.
Previously known as Local Law 3 of 2020, the local law would provide the city with a tax cap override. This would enable the city to be shielded from financial penalties from the State of New York if they failed to come under the tax cap. Its supporters say that it would help enable a number of city projects and other developments, as well as prevent budgetary issues that could jeopardize a number of services throughout the city.
Third Ward Councilwoman Kristin Trovei was among the biggest supporters for the law. She argued that it would enable the city to be able to determine its own financial future, saying that the tax cap override would be a great asset as the economic effects of this year's COVID-19 pandemic continue on in the coming years.
"The passage of this law does not in any way, shape or form prevent us from passing a budget for 2021 that is under the governor's tax cap level," said Councilwoman Trovei back on the July 27 meeting for the council. "It merely provides the city from financial harm if we are not able to make under the tax cap level. It is merely a safety measure to give us the ability to determine our own financial state instead of letting the governor determine how we can and cannot spend our money."