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Issue 16 — November 16, 2017
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Police Dept. Kicks Off
"Cops for a Cure"

PORT JERVIS ­— The Port Jervis Police Department announced its participation in the No Shave November fundraising initiative. The fundraiser will be held in honor of retired Sergeant and colleague, Gary Maillet, who worked for the department and recently passed away from pancreatic cancer. It will run from November 12 to December 12.

All proceeds will benefit Orange Regional Medical Center's Spagnoli Family Cancer Center. The goal of No Shave November is to increase awareness by embracing the growth of hair, which many cancer patients lose. Through this initiative, it is requested that the money usually spent on shaving and grooming for a month be donated to a cancer program or cause to assist with education about cancer prevention, to help save lives, and to aid those fighting the battle.

The Port Jervis Police Department encourages community participation by growing a beard, cultivating a mustache; skip shaving the legs and canceling waxing appointments. However, if letting all your hair grow is not possible, they are accepting donations of any amount to sponsor and or support their commitment to No Shave November.

Anyone who wishes to make a donation can do so by visiting the Port Jervis Police Department headquarters, located at 20 Hammond Street, Port Jervis, NY, or by mail to the same address. Make checks payable to the "Port Jervis PBA".

Donations can also be made online by visiting https://www.ormc.org/giving/make-a-donation.For more information, call the Port Jervis police desk at 845-856-5101; visit them on Facebook at facebook.com/PortJervisPD, or on Twitter @PortJervisPD.

State Mandates Send Port
Jervis Budget Soaring
By Ken Baumel

PORT JERVIS — New York State has done it again regarding mandated expenses. Just when the city administration thought that they were catching up with finances, the state slammed through mandates for municipal employee salary and fringe benefits that for Port will add $630,592 more in expenses than in 2017, according to City Clerk Treasurer Robin Waizenegger.

Waizenegger reported at Monday's regular Common Council meeting that the total salary changes add $269,949 in expenses.
The total in salary changes mandated contractually by the state is $241,220. An additional $39,031 is attributable to negotiable changes.

On the plus side, the city saves $55,844 as Orange County is taking over the city's senior nutrition program.

The only locally generated increase is $42,542 for a new city police officer based on public demand and need to keep neighborhoods safe.

Waizenegger said that the total fringe benefit expense is $360,643 more than last year. The state is mandating $263,143 of that via the New York State Health insurance Plan. And, $72,512 is based on the state's Tier and Wages plan plus the previous year's amortization.

Part of the fringe mandates are $24,988 more for Social Security, Medicare, Workers Compensation, and related increases that go with wage hikes. The state increased the health insurance mandate by 9.73 percent compared to this year's rate.

Most years, when the city mayor presents the council a proposed budget it kicks off the arduous process of whittling down potential expenses and potential tax increases. A lot of that process is negotiating with department heads.

For the 2018 budget, the bulk of the increased expenses are non-negotiable. That is because of state mandates. Even bare bones cuts in negotiations between the city and department heads could not make up for the state imposed increases, noted Waizenegger.

The city-generated expense increase is $75,420, due to debt repayment obligations plus interest.
Mayor Kelly Decker, who presented a proposed 2018 City Budget, said that he faced a potential for a 15.8-percent tax increase when he began putting together his proposed budget. Some new revenue, negotiating with department heads to cut expenses, lowered the increase. But, the net increase facing the council is 9.98 percent.

Waizenegger said, "The only way to lower the tax increase would be to find new revenue or cut expenses. We would have to ask the public, "What do you not want? Do you want cuts in garbage pick-up, police, water, sewer services?

"What makes this year more challenging is that we don't have wiggle room," declared Waizenegger.
In other matters, Sarah Hendry, who was unable to attend, requested to clarify that she did not resign, but chose not to run for re-election in the recent Election.

Council members who were re-elected each thanked the public. Each also shared the condolences to the families of two people who died, Jack Shannon (city marshal, fire department member), and Robin Onofry. Council members wished the public a "Happy Thanksgiving" to all.


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