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Issue 26 — January 20, 2022

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Dispatch Reporter Invokes Inner Viking At Polar Plunge

By Travis Caldwell

PORT JERVIS — On January 15th I froze my butt nearly off. The Port Jervis Volunteer Fire Department held their third annual Polar Plunge, at which I and a dozen or so others braved the icy waters of the Delaware River at West End Beach.
That morning I donned my red winter swim trunks and drank a mug of boiling water in hopes of providing myself with some buffer and internal insulation for the maniacal event. I layered up good warm clothes that would be convenient to strip down and when I left for the plunge, noted that the thermometer in my car read 3 degrees Fahrenheit. It had risen to a balmy 4 degrees by the time I’d reached Matamoras to meet my lifelong friend Matt Gonzalez who would share in the experience of the frosty mania that transpired that day.
We headed to West End, carpooling to meet his sister Rebecca and brother-in-law Sal Vito. The thermometer had risen to 5. I was glad to see them there, as I thought that there should be a familiar witness to watch us, especially if I should turn fully into an ice cube and float away.
The PJFD had three fires roaring and a warming/changing tent for the participants and particularly for us plungers. For a $30 donation we each got a sticker, a T-shirt, bragging rights, and some happy, frosty memories that will be frozen in my mind for a lifetime.
The PJ EMS was at the ready just in case, and PJ Volunteer Firemen had chopped a path through the shoreline ice for us to traverse. Ice chunks floating down the river outnumbered us by a huge margin as all the returning members and new inductees of the Polar Bear Club stripped down to their swimming attire. It is indeed a rare and special event when swimsuits and stocking caps pair fashionably well. Members of the fire department – dressed in hip waders and wet suits and other cold weather gear – were waiting and wading for us at the deep end of the chilly channel, ready to help if any was needed.
We were advised to take our dip and immediately emerge. Dressed only in swim trunks, I felt no desire to linger. We all left behind the bonfires and assembled at the water’s edge to be sent in in waves.........................For more information subscribe to our paper.


Assemblyman To Seek Re-Election


PORT JERVIS — Assemblyman Karl A. Brabenec (R,C - Deerpark) announced that he intends to seek re-election to the New York State Assembly.
“It’s been the honor of my life to serve as your Assemblyman,” said Brabenec. “We have worked incredibly hard to provide top notch advocacy and service to all the residents that I represent.
“I’m running for another term because there is still work to be done to make our state prosperous again. We need to restore the public’s faith in government with real ethics reform, to keep New York State residents safe, we need to repeal and amend the bail reforms that have been enacted, and we need to provide support to our residents and medical professionals to effectively combat the COVID pandemic.
“Most importantly, we need to lower taxes and regulations on small businesses to grow jobs and the economy. By working together to accomplish these goals, I am certain that we can make New York State the Empire State once again!”
Brabenec was first elected to the Assembly in 2014. He serves as Deputy Minority Whip of the Republican Conference and ranking member of the Assembly Labor Committee. Previous to being elected to the Assembly, he served as Deerpark Town Supervisor for five years.



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