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Issue 24 — January 11, 2018
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Seminole Leader
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WESTFALL — Frank Salvati, noted local speaker on Native Americans, will present a talk on Osceola, one of the leaders of the Seminoles in the State of Florida, who resisted removal from that state by the U.S. Government.

Osceola was involved with what was to be called the Second Seminole War. Although never defeated in battle, he was tricked into being captured when he showed up for peace talks with authorities.

The talk, sponsored by the Matamoras-Westfall Historical Society, will take place 2 p.m., January 14 at their headquarters in the Westfall Administration Building, on Delaware Drive, Matamoras, PA. For more information, please call 570-491-2271/4871.


Bringing Power To The Polls

PORT JERVIS — On January 20, voices will be heard all around the country to mark the 1st anniversary of the Women's March on Washington, DC. Once again, thousands will again take to the streets in cities and communities across the country, just like Port Jervis, New York, to show the world, our progressive leaders and local citizens that they are ready to raise their political voices and that no one will be silenced. Locally, the Power to the Polls event and campaign will hold a Women's March and voter registration event at St Peter's Lutheran Church in Port Jervis, NY. There will also be stations located around the city to encourage and help people register to vote.

Come to St Peter's early to make signs that express your needs and concerns and meet others who feel as you do, that we will stand up to be counted. On this important anniversary the Women's March organizers, partners, artists and activists will be in Las Vegas, Nevada! Thousands of women, femmes and allies will come together again to celebrate one year of resistance and to launch our collective 2018 Women's March agenda: Power to the Polls. This anniversary event will kick-off a national voter registration and mobilization tour targeting swing states to register new voters, engage impacted communities, harness our collective energy to advocate for policies and candidates that reflect our values and collaborate with our partners to elect more women and progressive candidates to office.

Join us on Saturday, January 20 from 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. at St Peter's Lutheran Church, 31 W. Main Street, Port Jervis, NY for a community march and voter registration drive. Show Orange County, NY that people are mobilizing and that we will vote for progressive leaders! Contact Patty Baughman at 330-416-7633 or email her at patty.longenecker@gmail.com for more information. 12:30 p.m. doors open for light refreshments, 1 p.m. we will begin with presenters and at 2 p.m. we will march!

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