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Issue 35 —March 26, 2020

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Hospital Opens COVID-19 Hotline

PORT JERVIS — Beginning on Wednesday, March 25, Bon Secours Community Hospital in Port Jervis, NY has opened a COVID-19 hotline.
Operating from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, the hotline will be staffed by doctors and nurses to answer general COVID-19 questions, and provide results on testing done at our hospitals.
To utilize the hotline, please call 845-368-5800 or 845-368-5805.









City Stays In Touch During Crisis

By Jeremy Van Duyne

PORT JERVIS — Monday night's meeting for the common council was a little different in its presentation. And it likely will be for the foreseeable future.
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and orders by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, public meetings in the city will have to be modified in order to help combat the spread of the disease. Until further notice, meetings will be closed to the general public and media.
"Aside from dealing with regular city issues, answering constituent calls and working with our city departments to make sure our city continues to operate effectively; I and the other mayors and supervisors of Orange County participate in a daily conference call with our County Executive Steve Neuhaus," Mayor Kelly Decker posted on his Facebook page on March 19.
"That news conference includes updates and addresses questions and concerns that the county pushes up to the state for answers. Additionally, the governor gives several press conferences a day, some I'm able to listen to and others not, but his Mid-Hudson Regional Representative keeps us up to date with emails that include Executive Orders when they are signed."
"Twice a week I phone conference with Mid-Hudson Mayors through Patterns for Progress and discuss what each of those municipalities are doing and what their challenges are."
In order to continue operations and handle business related to the city, Decker had the common council meet Monday through webcams for their meeting. He streamed the conference live on Facebook so that residents could watch if they wanted to.
Tax, Water Bill Grace Period
Most of the main topics on the meeting's agenda were measures related to the pandemic. In an effort to help residents suffering from the financial strain brought on by the quarantine, the council passed two resolutions to defer penalties on both the taxes and water payments due to the city on April 30.
"This doesn't negate your paying your taxes," said Decker. "We hope you can pay your taxes. This negates the fact that you would be charged a fee after April 30."
The penalties on the taxes will be deferred for 45 days, while the ones for the water payments will be for 30 days. Under the new deadline, the first installment of city tax would be due by July 15, after that a penalty would kick in.
Outside of issues related to the pandemic, a majority of the meeting was spent once again on the corporation counsel appointment. Decker had another nominee shot down at the meeting, leading to a lengthy debate between members of the common council.
"If you guys are willing to come to me and sit down with me to find a firm, I'm willing to work with you" said Decker.
The website for the city has a page on the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes details about the disease's symptoms as well as what is going on within the city during the quarantine. Residents are encouraged to visit it to stay up to date on what is going on during this crisis.